Since it seems to be importent here to let everyone know who you are, here goes nothing.

Name: Nattie
Age: 23
Location: South-East North America
Favorite Character: All the Were-Hunters
Reason for loving the books: I love fantasy and this was brought up to me by a friend, she told me I would love them and I do, this is a great series it has everything I love and makes it so much better then most writers try to.
What book are you on: I've read them all but Night Play and A Stroke of Midnight, I'm waiting for them to finish Shipping.
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Hi, I recently started reading this serious and love it. I am also addicted to slash and would love to get my hands on some Dark Hunter slash. There does not seem to be much online.

So, could anyone offer me some links? Particularly of slash involving Nick? Thanks!Questi
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Name:  Ileeyah
Age:  23
Location:  Australia
Favorite Character:  Zarek
Reason for loving the books:  Because they're made of awesome!
What book are you on:  I've read them all... multiple times.


Hey everyone. All of those who have joined so far anyway. I'm Sharyla. I'm here to officially introduce myself.

Name: Sharyla
Age: 24
Location: North West PA
Favorite Character: Simi
Reason for loving the books: I love these books for so so many reasons. I think that the characters are great, and I love how there are fresh plots every book.
What book are you on: I'm about halfway through Night Play and looooving it.


Hey there everyone. I know there's no members as of yet, but it's always nice to see a post when you join. I'm Sharyla, and I just started this community. I'm on Kiss of the Night and loving it. Please feel welcome to add yourself to the community and start chatting all things Dark Hunter :D